• ONBAO 2022-05-25
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Dalian Wanda Group Co., Ltd.
  • +86 411-82822888
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  • 大连万达集团股份有限公司
  • dà lián wàn dá jí tuán gǔ fèn yǒu xiàn gōng sī
  • Manufacturing/Trading /Business > General Company
  • Zhongshanqu Dalian Liaoning 解放街九号万达大厦28层
  • distance [서울]from 489.1km
Dalian Wanda Group Corporation Limited (simplified Chinese: 大连万达; traditional Chinese: 大連萬達; pinyin: Dàlián Wàndá) is a Chinese conglomerate company with activities in real estate, tourism, hotels, and entertainment. It was founded in Dalian, Liaoning Province and is now headquartered in Beijing.