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Sinuiju Chongnyon(Sinuiju) Station
    Local language
  • 신의주청년역
  • Sinŭiju Ch'ŏngnyŏn Station
  • Travelling/Entertaiment > Train Station
  • Korea (North) Korea (North) Asia 평안북도 신의주시
  • distance [서울]from 360.6km
Sinuiju Station is the railway station of Sinuiju, North Korea. It is the final stop on the Pyongui Line, which runs from Pyongyang to Sinuiju (and which, in South Korea, is considered part of the Gyeongui Line, which theoretically connects Sinuiju to Seoul). The station is the main recipient for overland traffic between North Korea and People's Republic of China, and is one of the country's most important rail stations, as it controls access to the Chinese city of Dandong over the Yalu River. The original three-story European style building, was destroyed by UN forces in the Korean War, and so the station was rebuilt in the 1950s.