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Seoul Arts Center
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  • Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu Seoul 2406
  • distance [서울]from 9.2km
Seoul Arts Center is home to many artistic disciplines, comprising an Opera House, Music Hall, the Hangaram Art Museum, the Hangaram Design Museum and the Seoul Calligraphy Museum. The center also features a fountain plaza and outdoor café, making it a popular year-round destination.Seoul Arts Center was established to develop and promote Korean arts and culture of the highest caliber and to forge links with the international art scene. Now considered one of the world’s 10 leading arts centers, Seoul Arts Center also runs an Arts Academy which acts as a cultural bridge to help improve public access to the arts. An arts venue for all seasons Seoul Arts Center is more than just a space divided into interior gallery and performance spaces. Its beautiful architecture and landscaped surroundings, with their fountain plaza and well-manicured lawns, create a welcoming and relaxing setting in which to reflect on the arts. * Seoul Arts Center is set in beautiful natural surroundings* Seoul Arts Center * Seoul Arts Center * Seoul Arts Center The Opera House: a unique building As the center’s signature building, the Opera House is its principal performance space. Designed in the shape of a gat (traditional Korean hat made of bamboo and horsehair) and completed in 1993, its scale and facilities are world-class. The circular building comprises three theaters and is so beautiful that at night many people visit the center especially to see it.* The Opera House by night* The Opera House seen from the Culture Plaza* The Opera House* The Opera HouseThe Music Hall: a world-class venue The Music Hall, which opened in 1988, was Korea’s first concert hall exclusively devoted to classical music and now regularly hosts leading international performers. The building’s clean lines and modern design are shot through with a distinctive Korean aesthetic, giving the impression of a giant musical instrument. The Music Hall features the latest sound system and stage equipment, a luxurious auditorium and a welcoming atmosphere perfect for meeting friends and relaxing. The World Music Fountain: a dynamic water-sculpture Opened in 2002, the World Music Fountain is the central attraction at the Culture Plaza between the Opera House and Music Hall, and is much-loved by both concert-goers and by Seoulites seeking sanctuary from city bustle. The fountain’s dynamic jets create an ever-changing water-sculpture to accompany carefully selected musical pieces and its multi-colored lighting system makes a nighttime visit unforgettable.* The Concert Hall * Children love the World Music FountainSeoul Calligraphy Museum Seoul Calligraphy Museum opened in 1988 and is the world’s only museum devoted to this traditional art form and is very popular with international visitors interested in the history and culture of Chinese characters. Its 10 galleries, spread over two floors, introduce the traditional beauty of ancient calligraphy and the intriguing new directions the art form has taken in more modern times. Multilingual guides are available at the Opera House and Concert Hall. For the Arts Academy, visit www.sacticket.co.kr/academy/index.jsp (Korean) * The Calligraphy Museum * Outside seating at Café MozartSeoul Arts Center | Hours of Operation Performance times vary. Please use the website to plan your visit. Price Performance ticket prices vary. Please use the website to plan your visit. Facilities for the Disabled Disabled wheelchair seats. Wheelchair Lift. Other Languages Vary depending on programs. Tip Cultural events such as the Academy.