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  • 해주냉면
  • haejunaengmyeon
  • Restaurants/Cafes > Korean Food
  • Jamsilbon-dong, Songpa-gu Seoul 183-4
  • distance [서울]from 11.1km
For 20 years, this restaurant has been well-known for naengmyeon, a chilled buckwheat noodle dish available either in an iced broth or mixed with a spicy red chili sauce. The bibim naegnmyeon (with spicy chili sauce) is famous because it's very spicy, but also because it only costs 3000 won. If you love spicy food, it's worth trying. There's sugar available on the table, and some people like to add some to their bibim naengmyeon to enhance the flavour. The mul naengmyeon (in an iced broth) is made with a perfect amount of mustard and vinegar, so the sweet and sour flavors are nicely balanced. Parking Available Hours of Operation 11:30~21:00 Holiday Sunday, Lunar New Year's Day and Harvest Moon Day Price ₩10,000 or less Wi-Fi Not Available Smoking non-smoking area Pets No Pets Allowed Opening Day 1967