• ONBAO 2024-07-22
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Seoul Backpackers
  • 02-3672-1972
    Local language
  • 서울백팩커스
  • seoulbaekpaekkeoseu
  • Travelling/Entertaiment > Hotel
  • Namchang-dong, Jung-gu Seoul 205-125
  • distance [서울]from 0.5km
Seoul Backpackers Hostel is well-known to young visitors to Seoul. The hostel was recently remodeled, increasing the comforts of its guests. It is only a 3-minute distance on foot to Namdaemun Market, and Seoul Train Station, Myungdong, Namsan and the Hilton Hotel Casino are only a 5 to 10-minute walk away. Transportation 1. By Subway Take Line 4 to Hoehyun Station, Exit 4. 2. From the airport Take Airport Limousine Bus 6015 to Hoehyun-Dong (Namdaemun Market). Cross the street in front of Hana Bank on your left and walk 50 m to the right (toward Seoul Train Station). Go past Exit 4 of Hoehyun Station and take the first left on the corner. Seoul Backpackers Hostel is on the left, 50 m further down. Price 50000~105000 Amenities TV, hair drier, internet access Other Facilities Parking Capacity : public parking lot Rooms 20