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Hoeryong City
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  • Hoeryong City
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  • Asia Korea (North) Korea (North) 함경북도 회령시
  • distance [서울]from 591.2km
Hoeryŏng is a city in North Hamgyŏng Province, North Korea. It is opposite Jilin Province, China, with the Tumen River in between. Sanhe (三合鎮), in Longjing prefecture, is the closest Chinese town across the river. Hoeryŏng is said to be the birthplace of Kim Il Sung's first wife and Kim Jong Il's mother, Kim Jong Suk.
The Hoeryong concentration camp is located some 20 kilometers (12 mi) from the city.

Hoeryong was one of the six post/garrisons (Hangul: 육진, Hanja: 六鎭) established under the order of Sejong the Great of Joseon (1418 - 1450) to safeguard his people from the potentially hostile semi-nomadic Jurchens living north of the Yalu river.
In early May 2007, the newly appointed Prime Minister Kim Yong-il visited Hoeryong. At the time, the Prime Minister brought with him on his train, one carriage worth of glass (made in South Korea) and 3 carriages worth of cement. After delivering the goods to the People’s Committee of Hoeryong he ordered that the city of Hoeryong be decorated and adorned as much as a city where Mother Kim Jong Suk’s birthplace should be.
Later that month, there was a public protest in Hoeryong, the first in recent history anywhere in North Korea. A guard named Ahn Myong Chol was forced to leave the concentration camp, for the safety of his family, when someone caught him giving food to one of the prisoners in the concentration camp.
On the 22nd of June 2007, a source reported that a public trial was held at a City Stadium in Hoeryong, on the 30th last month against 15 human traffic suspects and 4 of them were sentenced to death following a period of starvation; with others reported to have defected to the South.