• ONBAO 2020-09-30
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Amorepacific Corporation
  • +82 80-023-5454
    Local language
  • 아모레퍼시픽
  • Amorepacific Corporation
  • Manufacturing/Trading /Business > General Company
  • Supyo-dong Jung-gu Seoul 청계천로 100 시그니쳐타워 서관
  • distance [서울]from 1.9km
Amorepacific Corporation (hangul:아모레퍼시픽) is a chemical and cosmetics company established in 1945. It is headquartered in Yongsan-gu Seoul, South Korea. The company is the largest of its kind in South Korea, with over ₩1.5 trillion in sales in 2008 and is among the Top 20 Global Beauty Companies.

Amorepacific is a leading cosmetic brand in South Korea and is popular in other Asian countries and beyond. Laneige (French for The Snow) appeared as a product line of Amore Pacific in 1993 and became available outside of Korea since 2003.

The company also markets products under the name of Etude (French for Study). Laneige products are also available outside Asia, in Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, and South America.