• ONBAO 2019-06-21
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  • ChungWonSanBang
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  • Gye-dong Jongno-gu Seoul 북촌로6길 27
  • distance [서울]from 3.0km
ChungWonSanBang is a Seoul Intangible Cultural Heritage and an exhibition hall of the carpenter Sim Yong-sik. The house is “ㅡ” shaped for the munganchae (gate complex) and the anchae (the main building of a house) is in a "ㄱ" form, which is a typical Bukchon traditional housing structure. However, the anbang (the main room) was turned into an exhibition hall, and the geonneonnbang (a room across from main room) now serves as a seminar room, and the kitchen was remodeled into a business office. This house can be an exhibition hall as a whole with visitors being able to see specialized papers that were used in everyday houses and other papers that have beautiful shapes and figures which were used in palaces or temples. In the munganchae (gate complex) there is a small theatre where visitors can see the structures and principles of specialized paper through regular demonstrations.