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Soyangho Lake
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  • 소양호
  • Soyangho Lake
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  • Buksan-myeon Chuncheon-si Gangwon-do 청평리
  • distance [서울]from 86.2km
Soyangho Lake (소양호) is a man-made lake that was created when Soyang Dam, the biggest rock-filled dam in Asia, was built in 1973. The lake is a hotspot for marine tourism and the lakeside road is an important route that connects Chuncheon and Yanggu. You can travel overland for an hour to get to the dam or take the Kwaeryongho Boat (쾌룡호), a hovercraft that operates regularly on Soyang Lake, and get there in 30 minutes. The hovercraft travels by ejecting air against the surface below, sending up a spray of water on either side of the boat to the delight of passengers. Once you are in the valley, you can see fish farms floating among the islets. When the water level is high, you can travel on the lake all the way to Inje and Sinnam enjoying the beautiful scenery of Naeseorak. Both tourists and locals regularly make use of the ferry service.