• ONBAO 2022-01-27
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Shin-myung Jeong-ja Beach
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  • 신명 정자해변
  • Shinmyung Jeongja Beach
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  • Sinmyeong-dong Buk-gu Ulsan 
  • distance [서울]from 307.5km
If you are a man who always misses the sea in winter, or the bosom of wide, blue sea that belches white bubbles, you can be satisfied with this fresh living sea.
Most people are reminded of sea in Sok‐cho, Gang‐rung, Dong‐hae, Sam‐chuk in Gang‐won province, but the east coast from Jujeon of Ul‐san to Sam‐po in Kyung Nam& Buk provinces is no less than that.
The road by the mountain and the sea is good for a driving and is popular for sightseeing.
Driving 20 minutes from Jujeon along off‐sea of Ul‐san toward the north, you can see Arbor inlet of Gang‐dong‐myun.
At entrance to a village, we meet women who talk big and people who buy and sell material for cooking a pepper pot soup or eating raw fishes and enjoy seeing floundering marine products and feel scent of true man, moreover may get a chance to taste raw anchovy as a delicacy.
When the full boats with fishes come in this port in the evening, this enlivens all the things because fishing boats, which went to the sea at break of day come back.
When this time comes, people who live on land crowd into full boats, sunshine breaks into fine beams among wheeling gulls around boats.
At dawn, standing at the mole where lighthouse placed, you can greet darkness gets dyed red from the east sky, gradually, the sky, the sea and this Arbor‐port hamlet turn red and you feel hear sound of rebirth from all over the world.
Experience the mysteries of nature! Mong‐dol (little stone) attracts people's gaze here.
This port is full of life, the east sea which is blue as blue can be, there are flying gulls in a flock, and everyone can be main character of drama.