• ONBAO 2023-10-03
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Dutayeon Pond
  • +82 33 481 2191
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  • 두타연
  • Dutayeon Pond
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  • Bangsan-myeon Yanggu-gun Gangwon-do 송현리
  • distance [서울]from 114.2km
Dutayeon Pond was named after a Buddhist temple called Dutasa, which is said to have existed in the area around 1,000 years ago. To visit the pond, visitors need to apply for entrance either at Imokjeong Information Center or Bideuk Information Center. Most people choose to start their tours at Imokjeong Information Center as it is located near from the town of Yanggu. At the information center, you will receive a necklace with a location tracking device upon submitting the entry application along with proper identification. It is about 3.7 kilometers from the Imokjeong Information Center to the Dutayeon Pond parking lot. Visitors can choose to travel by foot, car, or bicycle. Bicycles are available for rent at Imokjeong Information Center for a fee of 4,000 won.