• ONBAO 2023-12-06
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Yanggu Eco-Botanical Garden
  • +82 33 480 2529
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  • 양구생태식물원
  • Yanggu Eco-Botanical Garden
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  • Dong-myeon Yanggu-gun Gangwon-do 원당리 180
  • distance [서울]from 120.2km
Yanggu Eco-Botanical Garden is located at the foot of Daeamsan Mountain. It is the northernmost eco-botanical garden in Korea. The garden is divided into three zones. The lower section sits at an elevation of 420 meters and is comprised of different themed gardens like the Story Flower Garden, Root Flower Garden, Indigenous Flower Garden, Succulent Garden, and more. The lower section also has a space science playground, a pond, an open-air theater, and a picnic square that provides a great place to take a stroll. The upper section is at an elevation of about 480 meters and can be reached by crossing the Chorong Bridge. The upper section is a place to learn more about forests with over 90 tree species and 170 flower species featured in a variety of zones like the Secret Forest, Meditation Forest Trail, Marsh Eco Park, the Daeamsan Mountain area, and more. A 7.9 kilometer Eco Trail stretches from Yanggu Eco-Botanical Garden along Daeamsan Mountain climbing up to Solbong Peak and extending to Kwangchi Recreation Forest. You can also take the Eco Trail leading to Yongneup Swamp, which has been designated as a Ramsar wetland and is the highest moor in Korea.