• ONBAO 2024-04-13
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Yoonssi Milbang
  • +82 2 3143 4116
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  • 윤씨밀방
  • Yoonssi Milbang
  • Restaurants/Cafes > Western Food
  • Seoul Mapo-gu Seogyo-dong 와우산로길 15
  • distance [서울]from 4.5km
Yoonssi Milbang serves food made with wheat, due to the love of the chef for all things wheat! Originally serving just mandu (dumplings), the restaurant became famous after introducing Hamburg steak to the menu. The restaurant is located in a non-commercial building, and their most popular menu items are the Yoonssi Hamburg steak set menu and the mushroom Toowoomba pasta. The steak is soft and the pasta gets a kick of heat from the spicy cream sauce. More than anything though, the biggest draw to Yoonssi Milbang is that all menus are priced at under 10,000 won!