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Bearsom Island Amusement Park
  • +82 33-440-255
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  • 붕어섬유원지
  • Bungeoseom Amusement Park
  • Travelling/Entertaiment > Tourist Sites
  • Gangwon-do Hwacheon-gun Hwacheon-eup 강변로 2-54
  • distance [서울]from 87.5km
Bungeoseom is a small freshwater island located in Ha-ri, Hwacheon-eup, Hwacheon-gun, Gangwon-do Province. It was created as a result of the construction of the Chuncheon Dam. The island was turned into a green recreational site with environment-friendly facilities and is also used as a fishing ground and rest area for county residents. The Hwacheon County Office planted trees and made a bicycle road to make it more appealing to visitors. Every year, regional cultural festivals are held here like the Nangcheon Ice Festival in mid January, the Bimok Cultural Festival in June, and the Yonghwa Festival in October. Nearby, there are many tourist sites like the Chilseongnu Pavilion, Hwacheonhyanggyo Confucian School, Mireukbawi Rock, and Hwacheongang River.


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Walking Path - Lawn Park - Jungang Walking Path - Chrysanthemum Hill

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Soccer field, tennis court, futsal field, outdoor theater, walking path, pergola, etc.