• ONBAO 2020-02-19
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Samsung Electronics Americas (DS)
  • +1 408-544-4000
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  • Samsung Electronics Americas (DS)
  • Manufacturing/Trading /Business > Electronic/ Communications
  • California San Jose 95134 3655 North First Street
  • distance [서울]from 9,088.2km
Through aggressive business strategies and consistent investments, Samsung achieved and has maintained its market leadership position in memory industry since 1993. Along with its success in memory sector, the company signaled a long commitment to logic and analog chip development in 2001 with the expansion of its System LSI organization and the opening of its SoC Research Lab.
Originally initiated as a 50:50 venture between Samsung Electro-Mechanics and Samsung Electronics in 2009, Samsung’s LED Business has recently merged into the component arm of Samsung Electronics. The new transition was designed to raise efficiency and competitiveness by taking advantage of synergies across the existing component businesses and thus to achieve leadership as a light source supplier in displays and lighting applications.