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Goesanho Lake
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  • 괴산호
  • Goesanho Lake
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  • Chungcheongbuk-do Goesan-gun Chilseong-myeon 
  • distance [서울]from 117.5km
Goesanho Lake is located in Cheongcheon-myeon and Chilseong-myeon areas in Goesan-gun County. The lake boasts superb natural landscape created in harmony with mountains and forests. The 2㎞-wide, 4㎞-long Sanmagiyet-gil (literally meaning the old trail of mountain cottage in Korean) created along the lake and Goesan Dam offers fine views of the mirror-like Goesanho Lake and the beautiful lakeside scenery.

The three-meter-high observatory with tempered glass on the floor presents visitors the feeling of standing on the lake surface before precipitous cliffs. There are over 30 attractive sites around the area such as a mineral spring, raspberry trail, azalea hill, and a pond. The lake is a great vacation spot as there are numerous tourist attractions in the vicinity including Songnisan National Park, Ssanggok Valley, Seonyudong Valley, and Hwayang Valley. The lake is abundant in freshwater fish, which also makes it a famous year-round fishing site.


Available Facilities
● Sailboat
Chadolbawi Rock Dock (차돌바위선착장) → Sanmagi Dock (산막이선착장) → Gallon Dock (갈론도선장)

● Cruise Ship
Chadolbawi Rock Dock (차돌바위선착장) → Sanmagi Dock (산막이선착장) → Goesan Dam (괴산댐) → Gulbawi Farm (굴바위농원) → Saebaengi (새뱅이) (12km/Duration: about 1 hour)