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China General Nuclear Power Group
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  • 中国广核集团有限公司
  • Zhōngguó guǎng hé jítuán yǒuxiàn gōngsī
  • Manufacturing/Trading /Business > Electronic/ Communications
  • Guangdong Shenzhen Futianqu 深圳市上步中路1001号科技大厦
  • distance [서울]from 2,076.2km
China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN) (Chinese: 中国广核集团), formerly China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group (Chinese: 中国广东核电集团), is a major energy corporation[3] under the SASAC of the State Council.

CGN has operating nuclear plants at Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant, Ling Ao Nuclear Power Plant, Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant and Ningde Nuclear Power Plant, with five new nuclear power stations under construction and another 2 planned.[3]

CGN operates in other emerging energy industries like wind energy and solar energy, as well as more traditional industries like hydroelectricity. As of 2014 CGN operates power generation plant of the capacity: nuclear 8.3 GW, wind 4.7 GW, hydro 4.0 GW and solar 600 MW.[3]