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  • 锐嘉科集团有限公司
  • Ragentek Technology Holdings Group
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Ragentek Group (hereinafter referred to as “Ragentek”)is founded in 2006.Our headquartered is in Pudong, Shanghai. Ragentek is a high-tech enterprise specialized in providing overall mobile intelligent terminal solution services. It has a number of subsidiaries including eMobile Comm(Shanghai)Inc. Shanghai Rayhoo Communication Technology Co.,Ltd. Ragentek (Huizhou) Electronics Co., Ltd. Shanghai Qingcheng Enterprise Ltd. Western Qingcheng (Guizhou) Technology Co., Ltd.Ragentek has a strong management team, the members of which have excellent management ideas, rich management experience and forward-looking understanding of mobile intelligent terminal industry; Mr. Wang Xun(Samuel Wang), Chairman of Ragentek, dedicates himself to the intelligent terminal industry. He advocates making excellent products and is committed to creating a provider of overall mobile intelligent terminal solutions with a leading level in the industry. Under his leadership, Ragentek has been expanding gradually and has completed several key business transformations. He is also recognized by all circles of the society. In 2015, he was selected into the list of the Third Annual Economic Figures of Pudong and won Pudong New Area Entrepreneurship and Innovation Award. In 2014, he was selected into the list of Shanghai Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs 2013~2014.Ragentek currently has more than 500 professional technical R & D personnel, most of whom had working experience in domestic and foreign well-known enterprises including MOTOROLA, SkyWorks, ADI, Lenovo and TechFaith. More than 85% of Ragentek’s employees received the bachelor degree, master degree or doctor degree.
Ragentek can provide the overall mobile intelligent terminal solutions of ID, MD, HW, SW, manufacturing, TE and QA; in order to ensure the specialization of high, precise and top-notch technologies in the research and development of products, Ragentek R&D Center divides its team into specialized groups to provide product pre-development, overseas intelligent product development, product development for domestic large customers, private brand development and other services.
Ragentek has established stable strategic cooperative relationships with domestic and foreign well-known communication enterprises fast growing mobile phone companies. And it has established long-term strategic cooperative relationships with efficient channel manufacturers, providing high-quality and efficient products and services. Ragentek’s business covers the global market. Being market-oriented and customer-focused, Ragentek is committed to become the world’s leading provider of intelligent terminal products and services.
Ragentek has two major production bases, respectively located in Huizhou, Guangdong province, and Guiyang, Guizhou Province. Both based are located within independent communication industrial parks. The factory area of the two bases is over 200,000 square meters, with 25 SMT lines, 35 assembly lines and 15 packaging line. The annual production capacity of the two bases can reach 20,000,000 sets.
With the quality philosophy of “doing things right in the first time”, Ragentek gives full consideration prior to action and then acts efficiently, focusing on assuring product quality and shortening delivery cycle. Ragentek’s working habit is “to continually make improvement and progress through review and summary”, constantly improving the working process and promoting the work to a new level by summing up experience and lessons.
Ragentek has perfect quality management systems and it has passed the certifications of electronic industry management systems including ISO9001:2008 quality management system, ISO14001:2004 environmental management system and TL-9000:R5.0/R5.0.
Ragentek has advanced testing and production equipment as well as advanced testing laboratories in the industry (conducting fatigue test, drop test, audio test, vibration test, salt mist test, hardness test and Wear resistance test, etc. on products). Ragentek also has first-class laboratories in the industry as well as large-scale and strictly controlled production lines. Thus, Ragentek can transform customers’ needs into satisfactory products through advanced design concepts, strong R & D capability, precise production control and perfect after-sales services.