• ONBAO 2022-08-19
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Ssammani Daehakro Branch
  • +82 2-747-3033
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  • 쌈마니 대학로점
  • Ssammani Daehakro Branch
  • Restaurants/Cafes > South-East Asia Food
  • Seoul Jongno-gu Dongsung-dong 대학로 130
  • distance [서울]from 3.9km
Vietnamese cuisine is currently trending as a health food as people are becoming more and more health-conscious. While most would consider rice noodles as a food that best represents Vietnam, fresh spring rolls are another well-known Vietnamese cuisine. Wrapped in thin rice paper, various ingredients like shrimp, pork, and fresh vegetables create an ensemble of refreshing tastes. Visit either of the two branches in Seoul, located in Hongdae and Daehangno, and Sssamani will keep your plates filled with fresh vegetables at a reasonable price.

Ssammani provides unlimited servings of over ten different vegetables and four types of meat, including beef, pork, chicken and duck. Additional serving of just one type of meat are also available upon request. Surprise your palate by dipping your spring roll into a different sauce each time you take a bite with four sauces to choose from, like peanut butter, fish sauce, mustard sauce, and hot sauce. As Ssammani also offers unlimited refills of Vietnamese rice noodle soup, you certainly won’t leave the restaurant on an empty stomach.