• ONBAO 2024-07-22
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Yufuin Onsen Kaede no Shoja
  • +81 977-28-8181
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  • 楓の小舎
  • Yufuin Onsen Kaede no Shoja
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  • Asia Japan Japan 大分県由布市湯布院町川上1270-28(湯布院ICより車で8分)
  • distance [서울]from 620.6km
Thanks for your concerning about the earthquake this time. We are damaged a little, but we can work all right. And we welcome our guests as usual now. Everything is fine with the rooms, hot spring and lifeline.
We havejust finished repairing the roof of public hot spring. But we will close it until the aftershocks settle down. Yes we can use outside hot spring in your room as usual, don't worry about that.
Thanks for your understanding.
(April 20th Kaede no Shoja owner)