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Friday Market
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More than 30 local families will showcase a wide variety of traditional products in the Market which offers visitors a convenient shopping experience, while supporting local traders and learning about deep-rooted Emirati heritage at the same time.

Emirati forefathers were particularly prolific in creating products which helped them endure an environment of limited resources, and the market allows crafters to demonstrate how modern Emirati society preserves this heritage as part of its national identity and originality.

The ‘Productive Families’ initiative aims to preserve Emirati national heritage through promoting the efforts of Emirati families who have kept these traditional crafts alive at their homes, or with support of social intitiatives such as Sougha, Ghadeer and others. The Market contributes to enhancing skills, shedding light on local products, providing financial support to continue their production and particularly boosting the role of women who are accredited with the development of many of these handicrafts.

The Traditional Handicrafts Market includes thirty shops built in traditional, authentic palm built lattice structures which reflect each craft’s atmosphere, on the site where nineteen small shops already exist in Souq Al Qattara, which was opened two years ago.

The Market presents a wide collection of products including traditional clothes, palm frond items, perfumes and incense, traditional makeup accessories, popular food and deserts, clothing supplies, swords and daggers, spice and coffee, honey, palm dates, traditional home appliances and utensils, herbs and folk medicine and others.

The market offers Al-Ayala dance shows, educational workshops, and competitions as well as hosting school field trips throughout each day, and visitors will receive brochures explaining the importance these traditional crafts have in Emirati society, especially those related to the palm tree, being one of the abundant environmental resources around which various traditional crafts evolved.