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Riyadh Metro Visitor Center
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  • مركز زوار قطار الرياض
  • Riyadh Metro Visitor Center
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  • Asia Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia طريق العروبة، الرياض 12431
  • distance [서울]from 7,547.5km
Riyadh metro or the riyadh public transportation visitors centre is part of the huge public transportation project in Riyadh, which will connect neighborhoods of the city by metros and busses network. The center was established by Riyadh development authority to educate and inform the citizens of the city about the project.

Visitors will be guided through the exhibition center by one of the projects staff. The exhibition highlights importance and benifits of having this project in a city like Riyadh. the exhibition center is a good source to learn about the architectural design of the metro stations with a brief description about each model including work of Zaha Hadid. The exhibition also shows the challenges faced during construction. The tours are offered in both Arabic and English.