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Đồng Hới Citadel
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  • Đồng Hới Citadel
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  • Vietnam Quang Binh Dong Hoi Hà Huy Tập, Hải Đình,
  • distance [서울]from 2,988.7km
Đồng Hới Citadel ((in Vietnamese): Thành Đồng Hới) is a citadel in the center Đồng Hới city, capital of Quảng Bình Province. This citadel is located in the vicinity of now Hùng Vương Street, Đồng Hới. This citadel was originally constructed with earth on the order of Nguyen 1st king Gia Long (1802–1819) in 1812 and later rebuilt of bricks by his son King Minh Mạng (1820–1840). Most parts of the citadels were damaged during the French Indochina period and remainder was demolished by American bombs during the late 1960s in Vietnam War. Today all that remains of the citadel is one rather unsympathetically restored Quảng Bình Gate (located close to the new museum) and a section of the original wall next to Highway 1. In August 2005 Quảng Bình People's Committee announced the start of a VNĐ 31 billion restoration of this site. This is one of principal cultural sites planned to be restored by the government of Vietnam in 2001-2010.