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Shomyo Falls
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  • 称名滝
  • Shomyo Falls
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  • Asia Japan Japan 富山県中新川郡立山町芦峅寺
  • distance [서울]from 942.0km
Shomyo Falls is located in Tateyama Mountain, which straddles Toyama and Gifu Prefectures. It is known to have the largest drop in Japan and is 350 meters high. In the spring when the snow melts, a second waterfall, Hannoki Falls appears to the right of Shomyo Falls and two falls can be seen at once. When the water flow increases even more, a third waterfall, Somen waterfall can also be seen at the same time. In front of Shomyo Falls is Takimi Orchard and it is a great place to view the waterfall directly front the front. Visitors can get very close to the waterfall here and it is a recommended viewing point. From Shomyo Bridge at Takimi Orchard, visitors can see Shomyo Falls and Hannoki Falls form a ‘V’ shape in the spring. The best time to visit Shomyo Falls is from May through November. Please be aware that roads are closed from the end of November to late April due to snow.