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Wampu Hydropower Plant
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  • Wampu Hydropower Plant
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  • Indonesia Sumatera Sumatera Utara Amburidi, Kuta Buluh, Kabupaten Karo,
  • distance [서울]from 4,812.2km
Construction & operation of the Wampu Hydropower Plant located in the northern region of Sumatra Island, Indonesia, is a project to supply electric power to the Indonesian state-run power company, PT. PLN, for 30 years after completion of the power plant with a capacity of 45MW (15MW x 3 units). The Wampu Hydropower Plant is a dam and waterway-type eco-friendly generation project that produces electricity after constructing a separate waterway that does not completely block the main waterway unlike existing hydropower plants in the country.

In addition to electricity sales income, KOMIPO secured an annual 240,000 tons worth of CER, as the first such practice among the overseas advance of domestic companies, and received the Indonesian government's payment guarantee for the contract period. In February 2012, a financing contract was concluded with the Korea Eximbank and the plant's commercial operation started in April 2016. It is significant that KOMIPO achieved the first commercial operation of an overseas hydropower generation business among domestic power companies.

Wampu Hydropower Plant in Indonesia Project Overview
It is a table composed

Project Period
July 2012 ~ April 2016 (construction)
April 2016 ~ April 2046 (30 years after completion)
Participating Companies KOMIPO, POSCO Engineering, PT. MPM
Project Type BOO(Build, Own, and Operate)
Content of Service
Financing, technical service
EPC management, commissioning, power plant O&M
Project Owner Indonesia's state-run electricity company (PT. PLN)