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Tangamus Hydroelectric power
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  • PT. Tanggamus Electric Power
  • Tangamus Hydroelectric power
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  • Indonesia Sumatera Lampung Tugu Ratu, Suoh, Kabupaten Lampung Barat,
  • distance [서울]from 5,314.8km
Tanggamus Hydropower Plant is a project to construct and operate a hydropower plant with a facility capacity of 55.4MW (27.7MW x 2 units) located in Tanggamus County, State of Lampung, Sumatra Island, with a total investment of US$190 million. As a follow-on project of the Wampu Hydropower Plant presently in commercial operation, KOMIPO will supply an annual heat generation volume of 278.9GWh over 30 years after completion on September 2017. With its dam designed as an intermittent current type, the power plant is characterized as easy to build and its environmental impact also is lower than existing low-head (저류식) dams.

A financial supply contract was concluded with Korea Eximbank and main construction work was commenced in February 2015 for commercial operation to start in September 2017. This eco-friendly power plant is expected to generate annual profits under the Indonesian government's payment guarantee and secure an annual 200,000 tons worth of CER while contributing significantly to resolving the electric power shortage of the State of Lampung.

Tanggamus Hydropower Plant in Indonesia Project Overview
It is a table composed

Project Period
Feb. 2015 ~ 2017 (construction)
O&M: 30 years after completion
Participating Companies KOMIPO, POSCO Engineering, PT. BS Energy, PT. Nusantara Hydro Alam, Korea Eximbank (financial investor)
Project Type BOO(Build, Own, and Operate)
Content of Service
Financing, technical service
EPC management and O&M
Project Owner Indonesia's state-run electricity company (PT. PLN)