• ONBAO 2022-08-19
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Samyang Co., Ltd.
  • +82 2-740-7111
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  • 삼양사
  • Samyang Co., Ltd.
  • Manufacturing/Trading /Business > General Company
  • Seoul Jongno-gu Yeonji-dong 연지동 263
  • distance [서울]from 3.1km
Samyang Co., Ltd. is a Korean company founded in 1924 by Kim Yeon-soo, chairman of the Samyang Group. The listing was made in 1968, and the food business and chemical business divisions were spun off from Samyang Holdings, the holding company, and re-listed in 2011. Although it is a company that has no relationship with Samyang Foods, which produces Samyang Ramen in name only, it is often misunderstood because the industry is similar to the food and beverage manufacturing industry.

Samyang Corporation manufactures and sells sugar, flour, oil, and homemade products as a food business. The chemical industry produces plastics and various resins. As of the first quarter of 2014, the sugar market share was 32%, ion-exchange resin 30%, high tenacity yarn 27%, and PC (polycarbonate) resin 26%.

Sales consist of food 53% and chemicals 47%.