• ONBAO 2022-12-03
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Education City Stadium
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  • استاد المدينة التعليمية
  • Education City Stadium
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  • Asia Qatar Qatar 8C6F+8Q7, Ar Rayyan,
  • distance [서울]from 7,108.8km
The facade of the stadium features triangles that form complex, diamond-like geometrical patterns which appear to change colour with the sun’s movement across the sky.

Like diamonds, the stadium’s design represents quality, durability and resilience – and will become something to be treasured, both for the memories it holds and its future value to the country.

World Cup matches
The stadium is set to host six group-stage matches along with a Round-of-16 game and one quarter-final.

22 November
Group D: Denmark v Tunisia (1600 local time)

24 November
Group H: Uruguay v Korea Republic (1600 local time)

26 November
Group C: Poland v Saudi Arabia (1600 local time)

28 November
Group H: Korea Republic v Ghana (1600 local time)

30 November
Group D: Tunisia v France (1800 local time)

2 December
Group H: Korea Republic v Portugal (1800 local time)

6 December
Round of 16: 1F v 2E (1800 local time)

9 December
Quarter-final: W53 v W54 (1800 local time)