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Korea Research Institute for defense Technology
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  • Korea Research Institute for defense Technology
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The Defense Technology Promotion Research Institute was newly established in 2021 with the establishment of the Defense Technology Quality Institute under the Defense Agency. It was established in accordance with the enactment of the Defense Industry Development and Support Act and the Defense Science and Technology Innovation Promotion Act, and performs tasks such as supporting domestic defense development and planning, management, and evaluation of defense technology.

The main building of the research institute is located in Jinju Innovation City, Jinju-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, such as the Defense Technology Quality Institute, but uses a separate building, not a floor building. In addition, the Power Support System Research Center in Seoul is located in the same building as the Korea Institute of Defense.

Major task

In order to secure advanced and high-tech technologies necessary for the domestic development and production of weapons systems, full-time management of defense technologies is carried out, such as planning and management of defense core technology development projects.

Pre-planning: A comprehensive preliminary study for planning core technology tasks, specialized analysis and research such as predicting future advanced and innovative technologies, domestic and foreign technology level surveys, weapons system technology analysis, and defense science and technology road map establishment

Task Planning: Conducting planning research to determine and materialize core technology target tasks in a top-down or bottom-up manner based on prior planning

Task management: Prepare and publish a proposal request for core technology tasks organized by industry-academia research institutes, and perform flexible research management based on an agreement for challenging R&D

Previous research: In-depth research on R&D possibilities, technical feasibility, cost-effectiveness, timing and requirement, and defense industry development effects to support the efficient project implementation method for weapons system acquisition projects