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Kumnan Methodist Church
  • +82 2-490-7000
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  • 금란교회
  • Kumnan Methodist Church
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  • Seoul Jungnang-gu Mangu-dong 망우로 455
  • distance [서울]from 12.5km
## Geumran Church: A Brief Introduction

**Geumran Church** is a large Protestant church located in Seoul, South Korea. It is affiliated with the **Korean Methodist Church**, the largest Methodist denomination in the country. Founded in 1958, Geumran Church has grown to become one of the most influential churches in South Korea, with a congregation of over 20,000 members.

**History and Growth:**

Geumran Church was founded by **Rev. Young-Soo Kim** in 1958. The church started with a small congregation of just a few dozen people, but it quickly grew in size and influence. In the 1970s, under the leadership of **Rev. Hong-Do Kim**, Geumran Church experienced a period of rapid growth. The church's membership increased significantly, and it began to expand its ministries and outreach programs.

**Mission and Vision:**

Geumran Church's mission is to "make disciples of Jesus Christ who transform the world." The church's vision is to be a "vibrant, growing community of believers who are committed to loving God and loving people."

**Ministries and Programs:**

Geumran Church offers a wide range of ministries and programs for people of all ages. These include Sunday worship services, Bible studies, small groups, youth programs, and community outreach programs. The church also has a strong emphasis on missions, and it supports missionaries around the world.

**Impact and Significance:**

Geumran Church has had a significant impact on Korean society. The church has been involved in a variety of social and political issues, and it has played a role in promoting democracy and human rights in South Korea. Geumran Church is also a major provider of social welfare services, and it helps to meet the needs of the poor and marginalized.

**In conclusion, Geumran Church is a large, vibrant, and influential church that has played a significant role in Korean society. The church is committed to making disciples of Jesus Christ and transforming the world.**