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the stairs of Jahamun Tunnel
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  • 자하문 터널 계단
  • the stairs of Jahamun Tunnel
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  • Seoul Jongno-gu Buam-dong 자하문로 219
  • distance [서울]from 4.1km
The place Ki-taek's family headed after escaping from the Parks' house when they returned home unexpectedly from their cancelled camping trip due to the heavy rains was the stairs of Jahamun Tunnel. Bong Joon-ho chose this location to depict the class disparities through the stairs. As you look over the steep stairs across the street, the image of Ki-taek's family descending hurriedly into the poor neighborhood will come back to your mind vividly. In particular, the inside of the tunnel has a spooky atmosphere the same as was shown in the film. The atmosphere becomes even more alive on rainy days. It would be a nice idea to visit some other tourist attractions such as Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul Museum of Art, Literary Museum of Yun Dong-Ju thePoet, and more,whichare in the vicinity of Jahamun Tunnel.