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With ongoing R&D and customer satisfaction dating back to its foundation, Wonik IPS has actively contributed to the progress of semiconductor machinery industry.

With relentless focus on R&D, Wonik IPS succeeded in mass-producing ALD systems in 1998 for the first time in the world and stepped up to become one of the key companies in the semiconductor machinery. In 2004, we successfully developed and mass-produced semiconductor CVD systems and have increased our market share ever since.

In addition, we reinvented ourselves as a general machinery manufacturer as we diversified our portfolio to include not only semiconductor systems but also dry etchers in display and organic and inorganic deposition in PE-CVD and solar cells. In 2014, we were successful in mass-producing a mold process system, one of the most important systems in 3D NAND flash whose demand is growing. In 2018, we successfully made inroads into the 10 nanometer process DRAM High-K market.

In the future, we will further solidify our status as a global manufacturer through ongoing R&D.