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JNTC is operating a reinforced glass (smartphone front cover glass and rear camera window) business and a connector (product that connects electronic components with different functions). The tempered glass evolved from flat 2D to 3D, which gave a bend to the edge. In 2014, the company mass-produced the world's first 3D cover glass for mobile devices in the world. Major products are smartphone connectors and 3D cover glass. 3D cover glasses account for about 80 percent of last year's sales. Connectors are about 20%.

Its accumulated performance in the third quarter of 2019 surpassed that of 2018. Its cumulative sales reached 224.9 billion won in the third quarter of last year, up 32.5 percent from a year earlier. Operating profit came to 32.6 billion won during the same period, surpassing its operating profit of 25.5 billion won in 2018. Its net profit rose 129.8 percent on-year to 37 billion won over the cited period.