The Sungnyemun Gate Guard Performance, which was discontinued after the Sungnyemun Gate fire in 2008, will be resumed on June 23, 2016 at Sungnyemun Plaza.

The guard performance was one of the most significant military honors ceremonies of guarding the fortress of the capital city in the Joseon dynasty. During the guard ceremony, the guards pledge to maintain the public order and safety of the inside and outside of the fortress gate by keeping guard at Sungnyemun Gate, the main gate of the fortress surrounding the Seoul City Wall in the Joseon dynasty.
The guards at Deoksugung Palace will also present the guard ceremony performance of the Joseon dynasty for tourists visiting the Namdaemun Market after finishing the performance at Sungnyemun Gate.
* Closed: Every Monday
* Admission: Free
* Inquiries: 82-2-737-6444
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