【K】USA Travel-New York[미국 여행-뉴욕]버스투어 2 세인트 존 더 디바인 대성당/St. John the Divine/Bus Tour
The bus stopped in front of the cathedral. It is an Anglican cathedral which was built in 1892 and aims to be completed in 2050. Among the sculptures at the front door of the cathedral is the 'Destroyed New York City' built in 1997. The sculptures have sculpted collapsed buildings and high-rise buildings in New York, just like the prophecy of the 9/11 terror that occurred four years later. Is it a coincidence? The cathedral was also damaged by the fire in December 2001. The three-toned goddess door 'Golden Door' created over four years contains the Biblical scenes about the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the end. The rose-shaped window on the blue door is large and beautiful. When I entered the inside of the cathedral, I was holding a mass. At the same time, 8,000 people can give mass. The cathedral will be 180 meters wide and 45 meters high, making it the largest cathedral in the world. The cathedral is famous for its unique exhibitions and events. There is an annual animal prayer service and worship service for those who died in a bicycle accident. Today is an exhibition of various religions. There are various exhibits ranging from the symbol of the Totem faith to the Buddha statue. Is it an effort to understand rather than reject other religions? A curious cathedral with various symbols. I want to find it again when it is completed in 2050.
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