【K】USA Travel-New York[미국 여행-뉴욕]버스투어 4 구겐하임 미술관/Bus Tour/Central Park/Guggenheim Museum
It was raining and moved to the front with the rain curtain. You can see the famous Guggenheim Museum as well as the artworks on display. The spiral art museum, nicknamed the snail, is a museum built by the Guggenheim at the request of the 20th-century architect Wright to build the Temple of the Soul. I could not shoot the artwork and I rushed to the bus only to see the famous Snail Museum. You can see Central Park raining out the window. One day the bus stops and returns to the city center. It is regrettable that I can not go sightseeing properly. The way back to the hostel by subway. I hear a song singing in my ears. As I know the song lyrics, I put my legs up and down. I asked you to play more Korean songs. I think about Arirang playing on the New York subway.
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