【K】USA Travel-New York[미국 여행-뉴욕]리틀 이탈리아 화덕 피자/Lombardi's/Pizza/Fire pot/Little Italy
There is a community of Italians between Chinatown and the road. The atmosphere is different as if it had flown from China to Italy. The Italian village has the oldest pizza store in the United States. The Mona Lisa smiles at the taste. ""111 years. 111 years? """" What is the best menu here? """" Original Margarita with pepperoni and mushrooms. ""Even though it was late afternoon, the guest kept on coming. I ordered pizza and asked to have an old oven. The furnace is still using coal. The pizza was introduced in the travel guide as 'the best pizza in the universe'. ""This is too old. Since 1905 ""Pizza that has been used since 1905 can be freely chosen for cheese and toppings. I ordered two kinds of cheese and tomatoes. I did not enjoy the pizza, I ate two at a stroke.
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