【K】USA Travel-New York[미국 여행-뉴욕]센트럴 파크 존 레넌 기념비/Central Park/Manhattan/John Lennon Memorial
Concrete Jungle New York can only take a breath because it has Central Park. Before the park was built, there was a quarry, a pig, and a shack. They digged the ground and planted trees to make the lake and the hill. The size of the park in the middle of Manhattan like gold coins is 4Km north-south and 800m east-west, similar to Yeouido. There is a citizen who draws a picture in the park at leisure. ""I finished the sketch halfway."" ""Why did you choose this area?"" ""I have not painted the landscape for a while. I usually do not have anything in my direction when I draw landscape paintings. So I picked that point and it came out just like this. ""The winter in which the leaves are falling is good for showing the outline of the city. Although it was a winter park, I thought it was crowded, but I was shooting a drama. Central Park is the main stage of movies and dramas. A variety of shoots are taking place every year, so it is like a studio. In the park there is John Lennon Memorial Park, a member of the Beatles. In December 1980, he was shot and killed in front of a nearby house. John Lennon was 40 years old. His ashes have been planted here, and memorial parks have been created, and fans still love him. John Lennon criticized Britain for crushing Ireland, and President Nixon was trying to expel him against the US invasion of Vietnam. ""We are seeing a lot of fighting, because of small things, religious thoughts, and various things. The song 'Imagine' shows the opposite idea. It means that we are one to build a world. We think it is very symbolic. """" And ""Imagine"" represents a future we want for our baby, human future. ""John Lennon, the world he dreamed of does not have to be greedy, Where Love exists Only where everyone is in this world.
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