[english.visitkorea.or.kr] Jecheon in Chungcheongbuk-do is home to an area named Cheongpung and the beautiful Cheongpungho Lake. Jecheon offers visitors a lot to see and do as it is home to preserved Korean tradition and culture at Cheongpung Cultural Heritage Complex, a sightseeing tour on the Cheongpungho Lake Ferry, as well as sightseeing at drama and movie filming locations.

Jecheon is an emerging hot spot for filming movies and dramas. The KBS drama Secret Love (2013; starring Hwang Jung-eum and Ji Sung) and the movies Obsessed (2014; starring Song Seung-heon) and The Huntresses (2014; starring Ha Ji-won) filmed at the historical drama filming set in Geumseong-myeon, Jecheon. The reason why Jecheon has become a popular destination for filming is because of its splendid natural beauty, including Cheongpungho Lake and Uirimji, and the numerous historical sites nearby. Also, many filming facilities such as the Jecheon Media Center and drama filming sets are within a two hour drive from the metropolitan area, making it convenient for outdoor filming.

Nearby Attractions

Cheongpung Lake Monorail

Situated in Cheongpung-myeon in Jecheon, Cheongpungho Lake is an artificial lake that draws a large number of tourists. There are a number of ways to view the splendid landscape around the lake. The best is at the summit of the 531m tall Bibongsan Mountain, offering beautiful views of the surrounding area. Bibongsan Mountain can be accessed by a short hike or by taking the Cheongpungho Lake Monorail. At the summit, there is a runway for paragliding. The monorail that is now in place was once a smaller monorail that had been used for transporting paragliding equipment.

The newly installed monorail runs three kilometers round trip from the bottom to the top of the mountain. Seven monorail cars, each able to accommodate six passengers, go up and down the route all day long. The monorail runs slowly along the slope, offering a fair amount of thrill. The highlight of the monorail ride is just below the arrival point. Some riders even scream when the monorail goes up a 52 degree incline.  

From where the monorail stops, it is just a short walk to the peak of Bibongsan Mountain. From the top you can try paragliding! You may select either powered (paramotoring) or normal paragliding. The ride lasts about ten minutes. Paragliding offers a chance for a bird's-eye view of the surrounding scenery. The tourist monorail is quite popular so visitors are advised to book in advance and reservation for paragliding can also be made online through the monorail homepage.

Cheongpung Cultural Heritage Complex

The Cheongpung Cultural Heritage Complex was established to transfer and restore cultural assets remaining in the villages of Hwangseong-ri, Husan-ri, and Jigong-ri of Cheongpung-myeon after they were submerged following the construction of Chungju Dam. This complex offers yet another splendid view of Cheongpungho Lake.

To get to the complex, one must go pass Palyeongnu Pavilion. The ceiling of the pavilion features a drawing of a tiger. Cheongpung has always been a good place to live, but it was often subjected to frequent flooding. In order to fend off these floods, villagers drew a picture of a tiger to be the guardian of the village. What is interesting about the drawing is that the head of the tiger is facing towards the public office building, while the tail faces towards the outskirt of the village. Some say that the lion eats all the food of the village and discharges waste outside of the village, making the land outside the village fertile while preventing people inside the village from getting too rich.

The spot overlooking Cheongpungho Lake is the highest point inside the Cheongpung Cultural Heritage Complex. It is also the site of Mangwolsanseong Fortress, which was once used to protect the village. From Mangwolsanseong Fortress, visitors can see Cheongpung Cultural Heritage Complex below, Cheongpungdaegyo Bridge spanning across the lake, and Cheongpung Land, a leisure sports and bungee jumping area.

Cheongpung Lake Pleasure Boat

After looking around the Cheongpung Cultural Heritage Complex, try taking a ride on the Cheongpung Ferry. The ferry ride takes about 1.5 hours. The highlight of the Cheongpungho Lake Ferry tour is right past Oksundaegyo Bridge when you see Oksunbong Peak, which was given its name because of the peaks rising like bamboo shoots. Not only is it one of the Eight Scenic Views of Danyang, it is also one of the Ten Scenic Views of Jecheon. As the boat is about to reach Janghoe Ferry, the waterway bends in an S-shape with a huge strangely-shaped cliff rising on the right side. Rising above these strangely shaped cliffs is Gudambong Peak, which is best viewed from Janghoe Ferry.

Korean Culture Experience Center

Situated in Deoksan-myeon at the foot of Woraksan Mountain, the Korean Culture Experience Center is a special place to get hands-on with traditional Korean culture through folk games, traditional food, and rural life. The hands-on programs include pounding grains on a treadwheel, a rural culture experience, Korean style horse riding, martial arts, and the traditional food experience. The center offers one night, two day or two night, three day camps in September and October.

Jecheon Oriental Medicine Expo Park

As one of the four major Eastern medicine markets during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910), Jecheon was the center of Eastern medicinal herb production and distribution. It is still a major player in this field, accounting for 30 percent of the nation's medicinal herb production and 80 percent of the distribution of milk vetch root. The Traditional Oriental Medicine Park in Wangam-dong is a place where visitors can see and experience everything about Eastern medicine. Visitors can think about their health and familiarize themselves with Eastern medicine by learning about the history and culture of Eastern medicine and enjoying a variety of hands-on programs.

The park consists of exhibition spaces like the Oriental Life Science Pavilion, International Museum of Fermentation, Medicinal Herbs Exploration Pavilion with exhibits of a variety of medicinal herbs, and the Medicinal Herbs Product Market where visitors can purchase medicinal herbs. On the second floor of the Oriental Life Science Pavilion, visitors will find the space organized like the inside of a human body, allowing visitors to better understand the roles and functions of bones, the brain, and the heart.  

The Medicinal Herbs Exploration Pavilion inside the expo market not only exhibits various medicinal herbs but also organizes a variety of hands-on programs. Come and make soap, a fragrance pouch, and medicinal herb cosmetics using medicinal herbs. If you want to check your health status, try the Eastern Medicinal Foot Bath or the Foot Massage Program.

Tourism Information

*Tourist Information Center

☞ Jecheon Station TIC

Address: In front of Jecheon Station (1, Eurim-daero, Jecheon-si, Chungcheongbuk-do)

Operating hours: 10:00–18:00

Services: Tourism information

Inquiries: +82-43-648-7102 (Korean, Chinese)

☞ Jecheon City: http://www.okjc.net/(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)



http://korean.visitkorea.or.kr/(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)


-Express bus: Seoul Express Bus Terminal – Jecheon Bus Terminal (06:30-21:30/ Operates 27 times a day)

-Intercity bus: Dong Seoul Bus Terminal – Jecheon Bus Terminal (06:30-21:00/ Operates 30 times a day)

-Train: Cheongnyangni Station – Jecheon Station (Operates 16 times a day)

-Cheongpung Lake Monorail: (From Namdang Elementary School by Jecheon Station) take a bus to Cheongbungho Lake.  From there take a taxi. (Taxi fare: around 25,000 won.)

-Cheongpung Cultural Heritage Complex: (From Namdang Elementary School by Jecheon Station) take a bus to Cheongbungho Lake.  From there take a taxi. (Taxi fare: around 18,000 won.)

-Korea Cultural Experience Center: (From Namdang Elementary School by Jecheon Station) take a bus to Geumseong. From there take a taxi. (Taxi fare: around 40,000 won.)

☞1330 Korea Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

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