• ONBAO 2023-09-25
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Zpingping VPN has released a new version of Windows that provides stable Internet access for foreigners, including Google and Facebook.

The Zpingping Windows version also connects with the Android version, with a single click after installation. Especially for Windows version, it works with Qping code method with Zpingping Android version. Therefore, login, payment, etc. can proceed without joining a separate member.

Zpingping Windows version is made for Windows 64 bit environment. In a 32-bit environment, installation, operation, and use may be unstable depending on the computer environment. You can use it for 3 days free so you can see if you can use it normally.

The usage of Zpingping Windows version is as follows; e-mail inquiry is zpingping@naver.com.

Zpingping system adopts existing VPN method and other technology to guarantee stable connection. In addition, it encrypts all the information transmitted and it is optimized to protect personal information by establishing a system that does not leave records in addition to the member information such as login.
1. Installing the new Android version of Zpingping
To use the Zpingping Windows version you must first install the latest version of Zpingping (1.3.20). The new version of Android adds the ability to work with Windows versions.

You can use the QR Scan on the top right corner of the main page of the new version of Android to log in and make mobile payments for the Windows version.

☆ Zpingping Android version download address ☆

☆ Google Play Store ☆
2. Installing the new Window version of Zpingping
Download the Windows version of the installation file from the link below and install it.

☆ Zpingping Windows version download address ☆
3. Connecting Windows version of Zpingping
After installing the Windows version, you can see the page with the QR code as in the image above when you run the program.

After opening Zpingping (Android version) on your smartphone, you can log in automatically when you scan the QR version of Windows by touching 'QR Scan' on the top right of the main page.

And when you click on the lightning image, it is automatically connected. There is no need for manual configuration such as IP, proxy, etc.

The connection time differs depending on the computer specifications and takes about 10 seconds.
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