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【K】France Travel-Saint paul de vence[프랑스 여행-생폴드방스]샤갈의 무덤/Marc Chagall/Grave/Tomb/Côte d'Azur
There is another place that makes Saint Paul's Vance special. There is a small cemetery at the end of the village, and graves with flowers and decorations filled with love for the deceased. In the meantime, walking along a narrow path leads to a grave that looks very ordinary. This is the grave of Marc Chagall, a painter who loved Saint-Paul de Vence.

"Here is the tomb of Marc Chagall. I was born in Russia in 1887 and spent the last 20 years of my life in Saint-Paul de Vence. I lived here a little farther from the museum. I spent the last moments of my life in Saint-Paul de Vence. "

Chagall, who loved Saint-Fold Vence so much that he could paint the landscape here in his paintings, and now became a part of it! It is full of the respect and love of travelers towards him.
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