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【K】France Travel-Nice[프랑스 여행-니스]소카 식당/Socca/Chez Theresa/Traditional/Flower Market/French Riviera
I met special food on one side of the market. Socca is a traditional dish of Nice. A big one sells well enough for a moment. I met a busy man moving Socca in full swing. Socca can taste 3 euros for a bag and 4,000 won for our money.

"Chick peas, olive oil, water and salt, mix and mix. After that, heat the pan hot, then cover the oil and bake at high temperature. "

The uncle who climbed on the bicycle beckons to come to the store. I followed up without worrying about my urgency. I wanted to arrive, but no. An alley or an alley An endless road. It is a small restaurant in a narrow alley where I am very hardly following my bike. It turns out that it is a Socca restaurant that is about 100 years old. Among the photographs are Prince Charles of England.

"The woman you see is Teresa, the founder of this restaurant. That's why the restaurant name is 'Teresa'. It opened in 1925 and has been done so far. "

Put the yellow chickpeas dough into the oven and bake Socca finished! It is so simple that you need to come along and watch it hard. Uncle Socca comes back to the market with a freshly baked Socca. In the store, guests are enjoying Socca.

"This is a friend 's store, so I come here to deliberately eat Socca. Everyone in Nice enjoys it. Socca is really delicious with mayonnaise. "

I fill the hunger with Socca in a sudden alley marathon. It is delicious to sue. Meat and vegetables are subtracted from our raw rice cake.
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