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【K】France Travel-Nice[프랑스 여행-니스]제철 꽃 시장/Flower Market/Season/Côte d'Azur/French Riviera
In the old town, which retained its 18th-century past, there is a long market of tents. The first thing that caught my eye is the colorful flower market and the flower market that show off its fragrance. This flower market, which opens every day at 8 am, is the place where I can meet seasonal flowers in Côte d 'Azur at the lowest cost.

"This is the season when Mimosa is blooming, and there's cyclamen and azaleas, too, selling some of the Mimosa-sanitized stuff, but the best is Mimosa and Nice Carnation."

Those who found the market are busy searching for the best flowers for the precious people.

"Today is my grandmother's day and I came to buy a flower, especially because it is a flower in our area and it is cheaper than just living in a store." The flowers are the most beautiful here, It sells. "

Here flowers seem to be a part of life.
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