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【K】France Travel-Nice[프랑스 여행-니스]니스 카니발, 퍼레이드/Massena Square/Carnival/Parade/War Flowers/King sinema
It is the square of Massena which is the landmark of Nice. There is a huge iron structure in place to crowd people. Next to it are colorful dolls. After a while, there is a special parade. I found the waiting room on one side of the square. The performances of the performers participating in the parade and the costumes are in full swing. The theme of this parade is that special costumes were produced for the perfect transformation of movies and performers.

"Since the theme of the Carnival this year is the movie's king, we have produced 18 representative costumes based on the theme of each movie. These costumes contain my own cinematic character, but I made it so that everyone can relate. "

Snow White, Harry Potter, Mary Poppins. They are the people in the movie that we are familiar with. Everyone is satisfied with the special role of the parade.

"It's really cool. It's really magical to throw flowers with people. "

"It's a festival full of wonderful and fantastic things. Everyone in the festival participating in the festival is satisfied and can enjoy and communicate with others. It's a wonderful festival. "

When I came out again, the square was full of people. Prior to the parade, dancers are showing their full mood. Finally countdown! The first thing is the 'Flower Queen'. After that, the main characters in the movie are followed by a procession of large carriages decorated with colorful flowers and props.

One of the three biggest carnivals in the world, the Nice Carnival is a festival held every year around Lent. The festival is celebrated in 1873 with the theme of 'King of the Movie' in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Victorine Studios.

Among the pollen covered in the sky, there is a magnificent and ingenious procession, including a horse-drawn carriage, walking soldiers in the sky, large dolls and balloons. People who have visited the square to see a special parade under the spring sunshine are all excited.

"I recommend it to all Europeans, Asians and Americans. Come to Nice! "" From morning till evening you can enjoy the war of flowers and the festival procession. I can enjoy it all under the blue sky and the sun "

"The carnival carriage is wonderful, and the flowers are so gorgeous. The first parade and flowers were the best. "

"It's great to be excited and energetic in the festive atmosphere all day long."

This parade, which originated in the tradition of exchanging bouquets in the old carriages, is called the 'Flower Wars'. Mimosa, lilies, and more than 100,000 flowers, sharing the flowers and begin to spring with a fragrant flower. It seems to me that I am the first impression of Cote d'Azur Spring.
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