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【K】China Travel-Chengdu[중국 여행-청두]청두의 문화와 음식/Wu Hou Shrine/Kuan/Zhai/Alley/Sichuan opera/Hot pot/Face
Sichuan Province, located in a basin in southwestern China. The central city of this place is Chengdu. Since ancient times, the land was rich and abundant, so it has been called "Cheonbujiguk," which means "the corner of the sky."

As I walked down the street, I was impressed by the bicycles that stood side by side on the road. It is a shared bicycle, a popular means of transportation for citizens of Chengdu. Chengdu has about 1.4 million shared bicycles, it said. It is a method that pays after taking a QR code. The fare is available for 1 yuan and about 170 won of our money.

"If I say I'm going to Duvodang now, I don't have to walk. It's convenient to ride a bike (in exchange) instead of walking 1.7 kilometers away."

Chengdu was the center of the "Cold," a country founded by Yoobi, the main character of the Three Kingdoms. I first headed to Mufu Temple, called the Holy Land of the Three Kingdoms. Mufu Temple is the shrine of Yubi and Zhuge Liang, the only place in China where the king and his subjects were brought together. There is a Pyeonaek reading 'Hansoyeolmyo' at the entrance. It's an old name for 'Muhusa.'

I entered excitedly, recalling the heroes who reigned in the Three Kingdoms Period. the hero, Queen, of the Three Kingdoms, who was devoted to caring for the people. On the left side of Yubi is a symbol of impressive bravery and equipment. On the right is Guan Yu, who had a brother with a prosthetic arm. However, the costume of the eldest, Guan Yu, is as colorful as the emperor Yubi. I was curious about the reason, so I asked a student studying here to explain it.

"The person here is Yubby's brother Guan Yu. Uibuuncheon means loyalty and respect are higher than the sky. When you look at Guan Yu, he has a red face with his eyes wide open and a gold scroll on his body. Many of you may wonder why Guan Yu is dressed up like a king. In fact, Guan Yu was the lowest-ranking official in his life, but after Guan Yu's death, various kings elevated him to loyal positions with the aim of cementing his position in power."

After Guan Yu's curiosity about his colorful attire was resolved, he headed to the place where Zhuge Liang, who was an excellent talent to bring him to his own expense account. "Myeongsu Space" is a poem written by Du Bo, a Tang poet, in memory of Zhuge Liang. the military strength of which one has acquired by reason of one's self-interest His face seems to have a cool, resourceful look. I wondered who the Chinese preferred the most.

"I'm sure it's Yubi in the cold. He's generous and loyal, and he's a man of both courage and wisdom."

"I like my ribs the most. Zhuge Liang is a mysterious resourceful and resourceful person, and his second favorite is Guan Yu. They have excellent martial arts, and they have a deep sense of loyalty with Yubi."

Their determination to save their lives can be seen as a hero. As such, Chengdu is a place where the culture and history of the Han Chinese people are more vivid than any other city in China.

I headed to the streets of the port of voyeur, a place that preserved the old look of the Qing Dynasty. This is one of Chengdu's three major historical and cultural protection zones. In particular, houses, flower gardens and shops are preserved as they used to be, where officials from the Qing Dynasty lived. a crowded place The size and sophistication of the giant dragon statue is admirable.

"You have a lot of traditional handicrafts and great skills. I think there's a movement to promote traditional culture in many parts of China as well as in this region."

It is as if Insa-dong, a street of Korean traditional culture, comes to mind. People trying to experience the culture of the Qing Dynasty are full of energy in every alley. There is nothing in China but a really unique sight has caught my way. An ear cleaner, a traditional occupation of Sichuan Province. It varies from working tools to hand gestures.

"How do you like your ears?"
"Please, if someone else comes here, I recommend you get your earwax removed."

There are many different shops that offer a glimpse into the lives of the people of the old Qing Dynasty. This time, familiar clothes attract my attention. The movie "Paewang Byeol-hee" comes to mind.

"Cheongeuk (traditional Sichuan theater) is a kind of comedy that has different characteristics in different regions. After all, the greatest feature of the celestial sphere is the sword that has a history of over a thousand years. The biggest feature of the sword is its representation with a mask."

If there is a light pole in Beijing, there is a celestial pole in Sichuan Province. Asthma is said to be the most popular Chinese traditional drama. A mutilated performance called the "Flower of Flowers" by the celestial sphere has begun. It's a real instant. When I saw it myself, I saw a sigh of exclamation. It's as if he's looking at magic. The actor who came down to the audience for a while. We could see a performance of the feces a little closer. No matter how hard you stare, it's just amazing. It is said that few people can perform at the feces, and I don't think there will be any effort.

Sichuan Province is the home of Sichuan cuisine and spicy taste that we are used to. The spicy and tingling taste is well-known all over the world. The secret to the region's unique spicy taste is to add whole chili peppers and vinegar.

"(Chuan)Chip peppers are used to cook fried with Sichuan Zhuangguo."

There were also many other products that were easy to make at home. I headed to the restaurant. 훠kuo is a dish that blanchs meat, seafood, and vegetables in spicy and thick boiled broth. It is said that people usually eat pig accessories. The mere sight of the simmering broth makes my mouth water. You don't look spicy at all after eating shangguo.

"Not spicy at all. I even added a small rice candle (small, spicy pepper) to the sauce, and added pepper."

I was so unsure that I decided to challenge myself with a mixture of spicy and plain broth.

"It is said that since the time of King Kang Hui (the 4th emperor of the Qing Dynasty), it has been handed down to the present and has become the representative food culture of Sacheon The Sichuan area is so humid that we enjoy eating it because it can lower our body's humidity."

For me, it taught me how to make sauce so that I can enjoy it for the first time It seems that all the spicy ingredients in the world are in. People in Sichuan are said to have stayed healthy by eating spicy food and sweating. The spicy taste makes your mouth tingling. I was sweating on my back all the time.

After dinner, I followed the music that I heard somewhere. Many citizens were enjoying the summer night. a landscape of tradition and modernity Isn't this the charm of Chengdu? The next day, he headed for the People's Park in the center of Chengdu early in the morning. I was surprised by the size of the park and its early hours.

"Are you a grandson?"
"It's my only grandson."
"I work out and take a walk because the air is so nice. People's parks have a hundred years of history. It's the place where Borundong happened and it's a proud park."

The towering monument in the middle of the park is a rain in honor of the victims of Bohon-dong. At the end of the Qing Dynasty, when the government tried to nationalize civilian-led railway projects and introduce loans from the Gang of Four with them as collateral, there was a "borong-dong" of the people to guard railways centered around Sichuan. This was the spark of the New Year's revolution. This place, which contains the spirit of sacrifice of the people, has become the pride of the Chinese people.
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