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【K】China Travel-Chengdu[중국 여행-청두]판다연구기지, 이빈시 대나무 숲/Panda/Lesser panda/Yibin/Shunan Bamboo Sea
Sichuan is the birthplace of China's national treasure, the panda. It is also the only place where pandas are born. The bus runs to Chengdu Panda Research Station, 30 minutes away from Chengdu City. I also boarded the bus to see the pandas. The fare is about RMB 75, including a round trip transportation fee and admission fee of about KRW 13,000.

It was already crowded with tourists who came to meet the pandas. Tourists from all over China and the world come to Chengdu to see the precious pandas.

Once inside the base, the sparkling golden panda statue is the first to greet people. It's not a real panda, but it's cute and smiles. A little further up, you'll find a densely packed bamboo forest. The endless blue bamboo forest reminds me of a panda's habitat.

People are watching something hanging on the wall. It has a small round face, red hair, raccoon and Lesser Panda. Currently, it is designated as an endangered animal. It looks pretty slender compared to the chubby body. I expected to see a lot of pandas tear off the leaves and headed to the place where the pandas were. By the way. The weather is so hot that it is inside the kennel. I was a bit disappointed. Is this child the same mind as me?

“Are you here to meet the pandas today?”
"Yeah. I came from Shanghai on purpose. I came on a plane yesterday. ”

Pandas are also popular in China, the country of pandas. It's hard to stand properly because of the crowd taking pictures. I can barely see through the glass. It's so cute that you've already finished your meal and you're sleeping. A commemorative photograph is a must as you see the precious pandas.

“Pandas are very important because they are a national treasure of China and the population is scarce. So I wanted to see the real pandas living with the children. ”

An exceptionally long line is where you can see the baby pandas. After waiting for an hour, I went inside and lined up again. It's a cute little panda that's been born for a year or two. It's a friendly animal, but it's the first time I've seen it. Slow and round shape was really lovely. But I was sorry to urge the manager, but I had to go. You see a panda few days old. But this time, people weren't enough time to shoot. Everyone had to come out with sadness.

“It was so cute because I saw bamboo eating and teasing at such a close distance.

I headed to Yibin, south of Chengdu, the largest bamboo native of China. Ridge Ridge A sea of ​​endless bamboo, like a green sea. Yibin has the highest percentage of forests among Chinese cities. From ancient times, bamboo, grown on the fertile ground, has been one of the best in China.

“Because the soil is fertile in this area, bamboo grows quite well. This tree is about 18-20cm in diameter and about 30m high. In terms of color, this bamboo is three years old. ”

It is also the place where the two main characters, Zhourunpa (Zhou Yunbal) and Zhang Ziyi, played a picturesque confrontation in the movie 'Wah Ho Jang Ryong'. My heart calms and calms with the refreshing green light that blows up the heat and the sound of bamboo leaves that are carried by the wind.

Xianyu Cave is a temple built in an artificial cave about 500 meters along the cliff. To get to Xianyu Cave, you need to take a cable car about 100m between the canyon and the canyon. It was raining and foggy so I couldn't see well. I felt a bit scary, but I wonder if this place is really fresh. Even in bad weather, many people came to see the unexplored dead.

“It's really nice to have a fresh place here.”

I walked along the cliff, admiring the mysterious scenery of the fog. The first thing you noticed is the giant Buddha, Subul-dong. It is a unique sight in harmony with nature. Around the Buddha statues are filled with locks placed by those who visited this place. The eagerness is felt from the rugged cliffs. The sound of water from the natural waterfall flowing down the middle of the cliff is cool. Rain makes it more spectacular. Xianyu Cave has a variety of attractions along the way. It may be called “Jewel of 蜀南竹海”.

“It's raining and foggy, so I can't see it, but I feel good because I've never seen it before.”

In the middle of the dizzying cliff, I met a true landscape of bamboo kilns. It's a good way to track, but elderly people who are uncomfortable pay money and ride a kiln.

"How do you feel about the elderly people who visited us?"
"Okay, I found a quiet place because I was Yonsei, but I think this is the best."

Bamboo forest seen from the sheer cliffs. For a moment, I felt like going to the mysterious Mureungdo-won. Gradually the rain came down to the village in a hurry. Bamboo crafts are as famous as the bamboo forest in Yibin. I met a craftsman at work.

“I've been doing bamboo crafts for over 40 years. I can only make two such chairs a day. ”

It is a work with great devotion that it is made by hand one by one. I sat in a chair made by a craftsman. There is no fluffy feeling, but the coolness of bamboo is felt. In the past, more than half of Chinese bamboo crafts were made here in Yibin and sold throughout China. The popularity was great, but now the situation has changed.

“I don't even know anyone these days. Who can't make money and want to learn? ”

"But do you think you need a successor?"
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