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【K】China Travel-Leshan[중국 여행-러산]러산대불과 차의 명산지 야안/Unesco/Leshan Giant Buddha/Ya'an/Meng Shan/Tea
I drove from Yibin City to Leshan for two hours. Leshan is located at the confluence of Sanjiang. It has been known as a city with many waters since ancient times. As I walked along the river, I found a strange sight and decided to take a look. There are many people swimming in the river. Although wearing protective gear, the general swimming strength seems to be difficult to challenge.

"The edema is big, are you not afraid?"
"We swim every day, nothing."
"Because I have been swimming here every day since I was 10 years old."
"What is the depth of water?"
"About 6-7 meters?"
"Why is it only six or seven meters? Again, 10 meters."

People who enter the river without any scruples. I saw him swimming and swimming, but there was a thrilling feeling. From here you can see the life of people who have lived with Jiang for a long time.

"Leshan is the east side of the Lijiang River and the Dadu River in the south, and the Qingyi River in the west meets the three rivers. Leshan is a peninsula surrounded by rivers on three sides. This is also a very rare place in the world. I think our Leshan Giant Buddha is very amazing. It can even be compared with the pyramids of Egypt. In short, Leshan is a beautiful place and welcomes you to Leshan."

The place where the rivers meet is where the funds are concentrated, so the transaction is very active, but the water is rushing and there are frequent accidents. This worry is that the monks of the Tang Dynasty are in a safe ship, and sincerely hope that what can be done is the world's largest Leshan Giant Buddha. 석불상 When you look at it from a distance, you don't feel its size. So he wanted to go up in person and watch the Leshan Giant Buddha up close.

I kept going uphill and finally saw some of the heads of the Leshan Giant Buddha. This stone Buddha is cut from a cliff, and the length of the ear is only 7 meters. 71 meters from the foot to the head. Seeing it with my own eyes, I really felt that "the Buddha statue is a mountain and the mountain is a Buddha statue."

"Until the completion of the Leshan Giant Buddha, it has experienced the third generation and the emperor's era in 90 years. The founder of the Leshan Giant Buddha, Haitong, began carving in 713 and completed it from head to shoulder. It took 20 years."

The crowds who want to see the Leshan Giant Buddha at a close distance are no less than the Buddha statue. It is another spectacular place. It seems that the stone Buddha, which is difficult to manufacture with modern technology, was completed more than 1400 years ago, showing the wisdom and perseverance of the Chinese. Seen from below, its majesty is doubled. Some people say that the light is the "instep" of this stone Buddha, and it can be more than one hundred.

If you want to enjoy the Leshan Giant Buddha, you can take a cruise. On the cruise ship you can enjoy the majestic scene that blends with nature. However, because its volume is inherently large, it is difficult to display the entire face of the Leshan Giant Buddha in one place. The magical Leshan Giant Buddha, which is itself a miracle. Many people make a wish with an urgent mood.

"The college entrance examination is over. I am waiting for the results. I will go on a trip, pay homage, and pray that I can get into the ideal university."

After the sun sets, you can see Leshan, which looks different from the daytime. The riverside is crowded with people who use gymnastics to protect their health during the midsummer night heat. The gorgeous city night view of the river and the scenery of the Leshan Giant Buddha are unique. I traveled from Leshan to the northwest and arrived at Ya'an, the famous place of production. From the beginning of the village, there is a green tea garden.

"where to?"
"Go pick tea."

As early as more than a thousand years ago, Ya'an City took on trade with tea in Tibet. The Tibetan people imported tea from Ya'an, and the Ayang people introduced excellent horses from Tibet.

"This car is being sold all over the country. I heard that I want to go to Tibet. There are also people who eat meat in Tibet. Those people love to drink tea."

Mengshan is the first place in the world to plant tea trees. It is understood that the tea produced here is a famous tea that has been famous since the Tang Dynasty. On the mountainside of Mengshan, the reporter saw the bronze statue of Wuli Town, the first Buddhist monk in the world who planted tea.

"In 53 BC, Wuli Town discovered seven wild camellia trees in Mengshan and began artificial planting. He was the first person in the world to start planting tea trees. And from the 742 years of Mengshan tea, he began to hand over tea to the emperor, which continued for 1169. In 1186, Wu Yuzhen was appointed as the 'Gan Green Ambassador' and the place where he first planted seven tea trees was named 'Yellow Yuan Yuan'."

Dream tea tastes sweet and delicious, and its fragrance is said to last for a long time. In the original Ya'an City, as a famous place of tea, there is also a tea-horse trading official office "Tea Club". At that time, people left Ya'an and transported cars across the steep Tibetan plateau covered by wind and long snow.

"In Ya'an City, due to the rugged mountain road, we had to use manpower to transport the Mengshan to Kangding and then back to the port. The mountain road is too dangerous, people can only carry it (Mengshan), when the porter walked behind People call it 'the island of the horse.'"

From the place of departure to the temple, to the place of Tibet. The ancient thoroughfare of about 4,000 meters above sea level. This is not a simple trading path, but a history of countless people's joys and sorrows.
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