• ONBAO 2021-12-04
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[Korean Safari] Singer Psy’s comeback album has been put on hold as he seeks a new direction that will appeal to the wider audience, industry sources said Thursday.

Until recently Psy had been working on the album, which will be released worldwide, with light and comic songs in the style of “Gangnam Style” and “Gentleman” that launched him to stardom on the international stage.

With the direction change, however, Psy is reported to be adding elements of hip-hop to target the U.S. market.

In addition, the singer is said to be shedding the comic elements and focusing on the healing effect of music.

Although the changes will require the album needs to be overhauled, Psy is said to be approaching the project calmly in order to embody his values in the music.

According to reports, Psy made the decision following a performance in China.

At the event, Psy noticed the Chinese fans were more moved by some of his calmer and more sentimental songs than the hits like “Gangnam Style.”

Following the event, Psy is said to have decided to focus on creating moving songs.

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