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Lingering Garden – Superb craftsmanship in harmony with nature | CGTN
Suzhou, a city with a 4,000-year history, gave birth to some very colorful Wu gems. Suzhou silk, Kun Qu and elegant gardens are all precious in Chinese cultural heritage. Probably the most famous of them is the Lingering Garden, one of China's four exquisite gardens.

Located outside Changmen gate in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, the Lingering Garden was commissioned by an impeached official Xu Taishi in 1593 as a private garden. Built and designed by a stonemason named Zhou Shicheng, it was initially called "East Garden" and was expanded over generations into what we see today. The garden covers roughly 23,300 square meters and has four themed sections, each of which has unique characteristics that allow you to experience landscape, pastoral scenes, forest and garden in one place.
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