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  • Hongilpum
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  • Seoul Mapo-gu Hapjeong-dong 독막로 47-1
  • distance [서울]from 4.8km
Soy-marinated crab is a unique crab dish in Korea that uses marinated soy sauce. A variety of ingredients are used to add flavors to the sauce, such as pears, garlic, ginger, and shiitake mushrooms. At Hongilpum, visitors can not only enjoy unlimited serving of soy-marinated crab, but also try the restaurant’s special spicy marinated crab. International visitors can make orders with ease as the menu is available in English, Japanese, and Chinese. This restaurant is a must-go for tourists who are seeking to try Korea’s unique local cuisine.

Hongilpum uses only quality female crabs caught in Korea for an excellent refreshing taste. A bowl of rice topped with seaweed and flying fish roe is also served together with soy-marinated crab. A spoonful of rice mixed with savory, plump crabmeat and fish roe will have you craving for more. Individual disposable gloves are passed out so that you can eat conveniently with your hands without having to worry about messy fingers. In addition to soy-marinated crab, other menus are also available, like spicy swimming crab soup. Hongilpum also has soy-marinated shrimp for diners who are hesitant to try soy-marinated crab.